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Book Vouchers

A book voucher allows you to charge your books to your student account prior to your financial aid being disbursed. If your financial aid is in place, you may request a book voucher. Your campus office will determine the amount you that you are eligible to charge based on the amount of financial aid awarded and the number of courses for which you are registered.

To receive a book voucher you must meet the following criteria:
  • Your financial aid has been awarded.
  • You are registered for the upcoming term.
  • The total financial aid you will be receiving exceeds your account balance (after tuition is applied).
  • You have completed and submitted a Book Voucher Request available through your CougarTrack account.

Day Campus students may request a book voucher by sending an email from their CougarMail account to or by requesting one in person at the Enrollment Service Center office at 205 Missouri Hall.

Evening Campus students will be issued a book voucher to MBS Direct or the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on campus depending on whether they are taking online or in-seat courses. Just log in to CougarTrack and click on Book Voucher Request under Registration to complete the request form.

Online Campus and Nationwide Campus students who have financial aid in place to cover the cost of books can request a book voucher with our official book supplier, MBS Direct. Just log in to CougarTrack and click on Book Voucher Request under Registration to complete the request form. You will receive a confirmation email to your CougarMail account from your campus that the voucher has been sent to MBS.  You will then receive another email from MBS within two to three business days confirming your book voucher is available for use along with your Voucher ID number. 

If you need to return your books to MBS Direct, MBS allows you to return those books before classes start.  However, the full costs of books, including shipping, may not be refunded in whole which may leave a balance on your account with Columbia College.  If you have further questions regarding the MBS refund policy, please visit MBS Direct or contact them at 1-800-325-3252.

Students who receive a denial email from their book voucher request or a book voucher issued in a small amount that will not cover book fees should contact their campus for more information.

Book Rentals

MBS Direct now allows students to rent textbooks with a credit card payment. Book Vouchers may not be used to pay for book rental fees with MBS. 

Students enrolled in classes at the main campus may use their book voucher to cover book rental fees at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. In order to cover possible loss or damage to the text, credit or debit card information will need to be provided.



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